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Koola Holding Limited began in 1967 as a contract manufacturer of households and consumer products, with few products and a handful of employees. Since Koola Holding Limited started we had produced the cosmetics stuff, the first one that we produced for local market called "Ache' make-up lotion in 1970. And Then, we started to powder products it called Hula Hula for the local market in 1985. After that we exported the product to the Philippines market under the brandname koola powder. Koola had been developed and produced the good opportunity for the products. We are considering in the quality of our product. So Koola Holding Limited have a good representative for the company to show the clients.

Koola Holding Limited also produced the products for the Hotel Amenities in Thailand and also through the airlines business under their brandname. At the present Koola Holding Limited, produces about 200 different products in the following Cosmetics and toiletries categories:

  • Cream For skin and hands
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Perfume and Cologne
  • Oral care products
  • Talcum powder
  • Liquid Soap
  • Anti Acne Cream
  • Powder Lotion
  • Hotel Amenities

Product's Brand in the local Market

Hula Hula Ice Powder&Baby powder
Body Glove (E7) Perfumed Lotion
Wave Cologne (By Body Glove)
Sunscreen ( By Body Glove)
Koola Ice Powder for Philippine Market
Various Perfumes Talcum
And also:

  • Thai International Airway Eau De Cologne/Hand Cream
  • Florida Liquid Soap
  • Skinmate
  • Misteen/Cologne/ Talcum Powder/ Deodorant
  • Arche' make up lotion/Perfumed talc
  • Eau de Cologne" Masca"


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